The Office Hour is a blog designed to help college students be successful inside and outside of the classroom. I write about study skills, professional development, and work-life balance.

My name is Dr. Boehlefeld, and I am a professor of political science. Currently, I teach at the Air Command and Staff College. I earned my doctorate from the University of Notre Dame where I focused on International Relations and Comparative Politics. As a university professor, my goal in this blog is to give you access to resources to help you become high achievers in the classroom.

But before I was a professor, I was an undergraduate student at Northern Illinois University. When I graduated, I earned university and departmental honors, a summa cum laude denotation and a 4.0 GPA. All while balancing extra curriculars and a part time job. My senior year, the University named me the “Lincoln Laureate,” or the most outstanding undergraduate student at the university. As a former student, my goal in this blog is to pass along insight and advice about how to successfully navigate your undergraduate career to become highly successful yourself.

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