The Joy of Binge Watching TV shows

Most productivity websites will probably warn you away from binge watching television. Beware the streaming services and all that. Me? I think it can be a good thing-healthy, even-if done correctly.

Binge watching netflix, or prime, or hulu, or Disney+, or whatever your streaming service of choice is, can be a healthy escape from the pressure and reality of being a full time student. Also, as a bonus, it’s cheap: you are already paying for the service, and you don’t have to pay more to stream more. The key to a good binge watching session is to do it…responsibly.

Times when you should avoid binge watching

  1. when you should be studying for an exam/writing a paper/finishing a project. Issue: you’re using it as a way to procrastinate and it’ll cause more stress and panic later.
  2. when you should be sleeping. Issue: college students don’t get enough sleep as it is, and TV is not an acceptable substitute for actual shut-eye.
  3. when you should be in class. Issue: I’m assuming you’re smart enough to figure out why that’s a problem all on your own.

Times when binge watching can be healthy

  1. when a new season of your favorite show drops and you’ve prepared adequately (i.e. finished all necessary projects, studying, sleeping, etc. and stocked up on the appropriate snacks.)
  2. when you need a mental health day (recommend trying to schedule this for sometime over the weekend when you have fewer obligations to pull you away from the TV)
  3. when school is not in session (when I was an undergrad and could get away with it, the first week of break was nearly always devoted to sleeping and binge watching. Sometimes it can be fun to save up series to watch specifically during this time).

When binge watching becomes a problem and you may need to seek help

  1. when you are binging more than you are doing all other things (class, studying, extra curricular, friends)
  2. when you are binging instead of sleeping

In either of the above two scenarios, binge watching is taking over an unhealthy amount of your time. It could also be a sign of anxiety, depression, or insomnia. Many schools now have programs that help students to identify and work through these kinds of issues. If you need help, remember, there is nothing wrong or shameful about asking for it!

Happy Binge Watching!


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