Why Having a Clean Dorm Room (or Apartment) will Actually Make You More Successful

Cleanliness is next to successfulness. (I got that saying right. right?) Here’s my quick list of reasons why I think having a cleaner living space in college will help you be more successful.

  1. As a student, the need to work from home–at least occassionally–is a hazard of the trade. Having a clean workspace will allow you to stay focused when you are working from home.
  2. You’ll be more likely to be on time–to class, appointments with professors, and even extra curriculars–when you don’t have to search for your keys, a clean pair of jeans, or your ID card.
  3. You’ll be less likely to get sick. When you live in a dirty environment (be that gross dirty, like a bathroom or kitchen that’s never been cleaned, or a dusty one from piles of stuff that haven’t moved since the week after you moved in), your body has to work harder to keep dust mites, bacteria, and viruses at bay. Do yourself a favor, and get some Clorox wipes.
  4. You’ll be more relaxed. Spaces that are too cluttered actually have the potential to cause underlying stress. Stress means you’ll have a harder time being on your A game in other areas.
  5. You’ll have more confidence. Feeling in control of your living space will actually make you feel more in control of your life in general.
  6. You’ll be more likely to feel put together when you go out. When you can find your favorite jeans–and you’ve remembered to do laundry so they are clean–you’ll be more likely to rock it out in the world. Plus, you’ll probably smell better. People appreciate that.
  7. Your roommate’s mess probably drives you nuts. Having your own space clean makes it easier for you to ask them to keep their half clean as well. (avoidance of being hypocritical).
  8. Making yor bed everyday can lead to you feeling more accomplished, less overwhelmed, and may help you get everything else that you need to get done done. It’s an easy–hey, I checked this off my list already kind of task that literally takes about a minute.
  9. You’ll be more likely to have people over. Social interaction generally makes people happier. Happier people tend to be more successful.
  10. You’ll be more likely to have the blinds open. Sunshine boosts your mood. Happier people tend to be more successful.

Note: “Clean” doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone–you’ll have to figure out what it means for you. However, I recommend that at minimum, you consider clearing clutter from your desk, making sure your laundry gets done on the regular, and having (and using!) those Clorox wipes to keep the sniffles (or worse!) at bay.


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